British kitty looking for a loving family KYARA DEUS FELIS date of birth 19.07.18.for FREE. info by phone 5577104


British kitty looking for a loving family (with a private house) for FREE.


14.08.2019.Bacardi Fackel +Afina Home Tiger = 6 Kittens

Girl Vita  Home Tiger BSH as 22 For sale

Girl Viola Home Tiger  BSH ns 22 For sale

Boy Viili Home Tiger BSH as 21 33 Booked

Girl Victiria Home Tiger BSH as 21 33 Booked

Girl Vanessa Home Tiger BSH  as 21 33 Booked

Boy Vhiskey Home Tiger BSH ns 22 Booked

02.08.2019.Fackel + Melani Home Tiger=2 Kittens

Girl Annika Home Tige BSH as 22 For Sale
Girl Adelina Home Tiger BSH ns 22 Sold out

We are inviting EVERYONE to come and  see all our kittens in real, and also to play

with all of them! In our cattery You can always find a kitten that suits you best. We consult all our clients about any topic that is relevant when they are intending to buy a kitten. We want you to pay attention on the fact that we are offering kittens without a genital permission. That means that kittens are being sold in Pet-Class and can not be used for breeding.   Reminder for clients. Only licensed cattery can guarantee that kitten will be healthy, beautiful, frienly and what is more – have an outstanding pedegree. If you wan to buy a kitten from our cattery:

  1. We are not giving out kittens that are not 3 months old yet.
  2. We sign 2 copies of a contract
  3. We give pedegree and Europassport
  4. Kitten will have all the needed vaccines and a chip
  5. Kitten will know how to use cats toilet

For Sale – open for reserving or buying.

Booked  – the first fee is already made and the kitten is looking forward to their new owners.

Sold out – the kitten already has new owners.

 Hold – is still kept by the breeder but is not on sale.  

You finally decided to buy a British shorthair kitten!
But what should you buy for the kitten ?

1) Toilet. It is better to buy one with high edges or a closed one. Kittens love to dig intensively inside the toilet thus something might appear on your floor.
2) Special spade for cleaning the toilet
3) (Sand) For the toilet
4) Food and Water bowls. Those that are made from ceramics are very simple to wash. All in all you have to have 3 bowls. One for the dry food, one for wet and one for water.
5) Food for your kitten. Super-Premium class dry food. Canned food. Also kittens love to eat raw chicken and pork.
6) Pillar for clutches sharpening.
7) Hairbrush. For massaging skin and deleting fallen out hair. It is better to use a natural brush.
8) Toys. You should not forget that a kitten is like a child who loves to play. Even being adult it is cats find it very exciting to play with a ball or catch a mouse.
9) A place for sleeping.  For a kitten a comfortable and safe place is a must. It shouldn’t be located somewhere between the rooms or somewhere in the windy place. Kittens like closed little homes and adults like big and open special pet pillows.
10) A kitten should have a carriage for traveling and visiting doctor. A cat should travel only in a special carriage in any age. - Kratzbäume