Hotell We are offering home „Tiger Villa“ hotel services! We can look after your pet when you are going to travel. Have difficult working schedule or family problems. In any situation when you do not have a possibility to take care of your pet, you can contact us.

Our hotell accepts only those pets, which are vaccinated.

Dog = 17 euro/day (untill 10kg) ( 2 meals a day included) without meal = 13 euro/day

  • Idividual care (Our hotel takes only 1 dog simultaneously. Two in case if they are from one family)
  • Dry food Super-Premium class
  • Meat 300 gramms a day
  • 30 minutes 5 times a day walk outside (More if needed)


Cat = 12 euro a day (food, toilet filler)

Price for additional cat from the same family = 8 euro a day.

Third = 5 euro a day.

  • Dry food Super-premium class
  • Meat
  • Toilet filler CATS BEST
  • Tinned food (Aplaws, Feline Porte) 

18 sq.m 9 sq.m