Welcome to the web page of my beloved British Shorthair cats.

Hello to all the cat lovers!

Welcome to the web page of my beloved British Shorthair cats. My name is Svetlana and I am from Estonia, Tallinn. Our cattery „Home Tiger“ specializes on tabby colours. We are focusing on pure british shorthair cats. Only in a such way you can get big and well-built kittens. All our pets are being loved and surrounded by care and attention. We are not making them live in cages and that is why they are so human-friendly and calm. The thing we are really controlling is nutrition. Our cats eat not only super-premium class dry food, but also natural food: beef, rabbit, chicken, cottage cheese, cream, sour cream, quail eggs, shrimps, salmon, trout. During the warm part of the year our cats are mostly living outside, in the specially built houses which are surrounded by pine forest. Fresh air, calm atmosphere, forests form balanced cats personality, traits of character and makes the fur thicker and better looking. Male cats have their walks outside during all the seasons, thats why they differ from others with their great immune system and good overall health.

Truly speaking, for me my cats are part of my family. Feeling my love, they react in the same way giving me caress, tenderness and love.